Viewing your Eyejot messages when you're logged into the Eyejot platform starts by clicking on the Messages navigation button that appears in the top right-hand corner of every page. From there you simply double click on any row shown in the left-hand list. The selected message will begin playing automatically.

The message interface displays your inbox as well as sent and deleted items

You can also select an item from the left by simply selecting it with a click and then pressing the Play button below the video playback area toward the right side of the window. It's shaped like a triangle and resembles the play button on your DVD or TiVo's remote control. You'll recognize the play area once you select a message from the list. The first frame of video will appear.

The message control bar allows you to play, pause, stop, export and embed your message

During playback you can stop the video at any point by pressing the Stop or Pause button. They resemble the same well known graphical symbols you would find on your video equipment's remote control. If you're not sure which is which, you can hover your mouse over any of the buttons for a text description of their function. Once a video has been selected you can delete it by pressing Delete.

Enlarged Viewing

Eyejot offers the ability to enlarge the video playback window. The enlarge button is highlighted in red in the image below. Clicking on this button will expand the viewing window to fill the whole application area for Eyejot (shown below). The video controls are the same for both the normal and enlarged view, allowing you to start, pause and stop the video.

Detail area showing the video playback window
Enlarged playback window

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