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Business Cards are doomed!

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Are you still handing out business cards? Don't you know that a vast majority are lost or filed away without ever being accessed. Why? It's simple. They're all alike!

Eyejot's vCard application makes it super easy to create and send video business cards from your iPhone. Using a pre-recorded video you create and upload to our servers you can send a personalized greeting along with all your contact information to anyone you meet in seconds.

The impact of video
Supercharge your business cards by adding video.

Links to social networks
Automatically provide links to your important social networks.

Easy importing
Anyone receiving your vCard can easily import your contact info directly into their computer or phone.


Unlimited business cards from your iPhone!

Never run out. Ever!
Never run out of business cards as long as you have your iPhone with you.

Turn your phone on and you're ready to send a video vCard to anyone you meet just by typing in their email address (or scanning a QR code!).

Where'd we meet?
It's one thing to tell someone where you met them. It's an entirely different matter to actually show them.

So, the Eyejot vCard Austin Edition app remembers where you were when you sent your vCard and sends it along with your video.

Store everything!
Save your name. Save your email address. Save your title, your company name. Save everything!

You can also record your favorite social networking links like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They'll be sent along with your video.

Double duty.
If you happen to have a case with a lanyard attached you've now got a name badge to go with it, wherever you go.

Flip your iPhone upside down and your Eyejot vCard name badge appears.

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