The Easiest Way to Send Video

Eyejot is simply the easiest way to create and send video mail to friends, family members, business colleagues and customers. It can be used from any web browser as well as directly from mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPod Touch. An Android version is coming soon!

Mobile Video Mail

Eyejot is currently available on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon Android phones). With Eyejot Mobile you can create and send Eyejot video mail from anywhere, anytime.

We’ve created a simulator that shows off some of the features you can expect to see in the app. Try it out here.

Grab your own Eyejot video mail app from the Apple App Store. 

Strong Business Features

Eyejot’s PRO Plus version was made for business. Users can benefit from longer recording durations, file attachments, document storage and personalized branding. Multiple, customized templates can also be created.

Our mobile app even supports video business cards that can provide vastly more useful information to a business contact than a regular, static paper card.

Share videos with family and friends

Eyejot is the perfect platform for creating and sending video messages to family and friends. While applications like FaceTime and Skype are ideal for live video, it’s often challenging getting everyone online at the same time. Imagine trying to coordinate video chats with people in different timezones. Military families face this very problem. Eyejot’s email-like behavior makes it convenient for both senders and recipients to enjoy video messages.

Share Eyejot videos with friends and family. Compose video messages on your computer or iPhone and instantly send them anywhere in the world!

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